Healthy Energy

Good nutrition is essential to your dog’s healthy lifestyle. Like us, they need foods which provide the energy to enjoy life. Whether they’re working, playing, sleeping or just hanging out, good nutrition is fundamental to their lives. It’s important to provide them with healthy treats so they can stay active and you can feel good about what they’re eating.

All Natural

“All Natural” is talked about but means different things to different companies. To us it means making products from ingredients which haven’t been scientifically altered from their natural state. If we use chicken or beef as a protein source, it really is chicken or beef. And, you can relax knowing all our animal proteins are sourced from suppliers in the US. When we say “All Natural” we really mean it.


We make a variety of dog treats with the same principle guiding us: to provide safe, nourishing US made treats for our dogs and peace of mind for Pet Parents. Dogs bring out the best in us and they deserve the best in return. That’s why we make delicious treats to enhance you dog’s health and wellness. Because when your pet is healthy and thriving, so are you.